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Lower your heating and cooling bill every month with a new patio door! A smooth operating, energy efficient, sliding or hinged patio door makes life just a little better. Available in many configurations and colors with 1” insulated tempered glass, we’re pleased to carry sliding patio doors by Ply Gem.

Investing in sliding patio door installation in Ankeny, IA offers a great way of welcoming guests with arms wide open. But when heat, cold, rain, wind or intruders come knocking, these beauties are as tough as nails. Ply Gem Premium Patio Doors boast the following features:

  • 1” IGU glass systems offer energy-efficient Warm Edge standard and optional Warm Edge+ for improved performance
  • Custom-fit interlock system provides extra protection against air infiltration for enhanced energy performance
  • Doors glide on oversized tandem steel rollers and provide smooth and effortless operation
  • A heavy-duty vinyl sill with a stainless steel roller guide delivers superior strength, resists frost and condensation
  • Anti-take-out device in the head of every door makes it virtually impossible to remove the active panel even with the rollers in their lowest adjustment position, providing comfort and peace of mind
  • While Ply Gem Replacement Series patio doors in Ankeny, IA come standard with a rugged locking system, for optimum security, choose our optional dual-point lock and/or our optional foot-bolt lock with vent latch position
  • Available on Ply Gem Replacement Series patio doors, optional pet-resistant screen is seven times stronger than standard insect screening and offers excellent outward visibility, is made from vinyl-coated polyester and is not harmful to pets
  • Constructed of New Generation uiPVC vinyl for enduring beauty with fusion-welded panels for added strength and durability

If you’re ready to begin the process of patio door installation in Ankeny, IA and surrounding areas, we hope you’ll call Miller Construction Siding & Windows LLC at 515-577-9906 to get started!

Other products/brands available upon request.