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When it comes to keeping your roof safe, well maintained and structurally sound, the role of gutters cannot be stressed enough. Miller Construction Siding & Windows LLC offers rain gutter installation in Ankeny, IA—and it’s a sensible addition to any roofing job. Whether you’re planning major roof repairs or new roof installation, ask us about the role new gutters can play in ensuring your roof stays secure for years to come!

For those customers who really want the details, below are the specifications on the paint, metal preparation, and finished coating for seamless gutters in Ankeny, IA:

  • The aluminum used is alloy 3105-H24, which meets the specifications set forth by the Aluminum Association. The gauge of the aluminum for the gutter is .027, plus or minus .002.
  • The surface of the aluminum sheet is thoroughly cleaned and dried to remove residual oils and impurities, using a 140°F-160°F hot water solution of potassium hydroxide provided by Henkel Surface Technologies, and then applying a chromate or titanium base conversion coating, 1402W or 1455SF by Henkel Surface Technologies.
  • A thermo setting polyester enamel is roller coated and baked at high temperatures for the outside coating. The reverse side of the coil, or wash coat, is a thermo setting polyester enamel applied to help resist corrosion and promote formability.
  • The color range of the applied finish is .8 mils, plus or minus .2 mils (1.0)
  • Made in the USA
  • The physical test used on our coated panels includes:
    • 180 degree-2T bend flex test no tape off using Scotch Brand #610 tape (ASTM D-4145-83)
    • Reverse impact –2 lbs./mil no tape off in positive direction using Scotch Brand #610 tape (ASTM D-4146-83)
    • Pencil Hardness-F minimum using Eagle Turquoise Brand pencil (ASTM D-3363-92A)
    • M.E.K. resistance – 100 double rubs using cheesecloth-mesh size 28 x 24 (ASTM D-5402-92)

A new gutter system will rectify many water problems with your home. However, large trees near your home can cause the system to fail without a cover or screen on the gutters. We offer several products to prevent clogged gutters. Of these choices, one product stands above the rest. Ask us about why Leaf-X is our best recommendation for long-term success!

E-Z-Micro Mesh

This micro-mesh powder-coated aluminum screen is great for extreme environments and coastal applications that can cause some competitive products to corrode, and keeps out even the smallest debris.

Designed with three 90º “steps” at the front for greater strength, this guard snaps into gutter hem, helping to force water to track into the gutter, while reducing the effects of water-streaks and tiger-striping across the gutter. The center beads also add strength, while helping keep water from surface tensioning across the screen. The angled back edge holds tight by locking into hidden gutter hangers.


E-Z-Micro Mesh comes in 4 foot lengths and 5″ or 6″ widths.

For more information about rain gutter installation in Ankeny, IA and surrounding areas, contact Miller Construction Siding & Windows LLC at 515-577-9906. We look forward to helping you!

Roofing Contractors Ankeny IA
Roofing Contractors Ankeny IA